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Gaétan Kuchta is a French-born conductor who for more than 10 years has been performing  as an instrumentalist, conductor and professor in countries on the European continent such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Finland, England, Italy, Russia and Switzerland; besides Canada, Mexico and Ecuador in America.


Gaétan Kuchta (France, 1985), is a Conductor who is part of the new generation of young French conductors abroad, mainly in Latin America.

For more than 10 years he has been performing  as an instrumentalist, conductor and professor in countries on the European continent such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Finland, England, Italy, Russia and Switzerland; besides Canada, Mexico and Ecuador in America.

Gaétan has directed more than 100 concerts throughout his career, which include around 150 different pieces; collaborating with great international soloists such as Régis Pasquier, Anna Göckel, Julie Sevilla-Fraysse, Fabrice Millischer, Erika Dobosiewicz, Stéphane Labeyrie, Krisztina Fejes, Allen Vizzutti, among others.

As guest conductor, his participation stands out, in Mexico, in the Zacatecas Philharmonic Orchestra, the University of Guanajuato Symphony Orchestra, the Aguascalientes Symphony Orchestra, the UNAM Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Xalapa Symphony Orchestra; also in the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra in Ecuador; Moscow State Symphony Orchestra in Russia; and Camerata XXI Orchestra in Spain.

In 2016 he became Musical Director of the UAEH Symphony Orchestra (OSUAEH) in Mexico, a position he held until 2022.

In September 2020 he became professor of Orchestral Conducting at the Universidad Veracruzana and since 2021 a professor of Musical Interpretation at the National Conservatory of Music in Mexico.

In April 2013, Gaétan finished a three-week tour in Mexico as guest conductor at the Latin American Trombone Competition, a festival where he also had the opportunity to teach orchestra conducting classes. That same year Gaétan was among the 11 finalists to be Professor of Orchestra Conducting at the Musikene de San Sebastián, in Spain.

Among the various educational and social projects, the one carried out in conjunction with the Dijon Opera and the London Symphony Orchestra stands out. Thanks to his work with the Dijon Opera, he was able to conduct outstanding works such as Carmen by Georges Bizet, Aida by Giuseppe Verdi, The Flying Dutchman and Tristan and Isolde by Richard Wagner.

For three years he was director of the Adult Orchestra of the Conservatory of the 10th Arrondissement of Paris, leaving his position in 2012. In May of that same year he was invited to conduct the ceremonial concert in honor of the greatest trumpeter of the 20th century, Maurice André, in the Saint-Roch church in Paris.

In 2007 he created the Burgundy Youth Symphony Orchestra (OSJB), being musical director until 2009. The first concert took place in Dijon Square on June 21, 2007, with an audience of more than 8,000 people.

While continuing his instrumental studies in trombone, he became a conductor, founding in 2003 a symphony orchestra selected for the International Festival of University Music (FIMU), in Belfort.

In 2005 he joins the Orchestral Conducting class with Pierre Cao at the Dijon Conservatory, graduating 3 years later in Orchestral Conducting, Harmony, Musical Culture and Trombone.

Continuing with the teaching of Jean-Sébastien Béreau, he continues perfecting his technique Helene Bouchez and taking master classes with Hervé Klopfenstein


Béla Bartók                          

Concerto pour orchestre
Danses Hongroises

Anton Bruckner
Symphonies 4,7 et 9

Ludwig Van Beethoven
Symphonies 1, 5 et 7
Concerto pour violon
Ouverture Egmont
Ouverture Coriolan


Alexandre Borodine
Ouverture steppes
Symphonie 2
Prince Igor 


Johannes Brahms
Symphonies 1 à 4
Ouverture Tragique
Ouverture académique
Concerto pour Violon


Dimitri Chostakovitch
Symphonie 1 ,5 ,10 ,11 

Claude Debussy
La mer
Les nocturnes
Prélude à l’après midi d’un
Rhapsodie pour saxophone

Paul Dukas
L'apprenti sorcier

Anton Dvorak
Symphonies 8 et 9
Concerto pour violon
Concerto pour violoncelle

Gabriel Fauré

Edward Elgar
Variations Enigma
Concerto pour violoncelle

Edvard Grieg
Concerto pour piano
Peer Gynt suites

Gustav Holst

Les planètes

Félix Mendelssohn
Concerto pour violon
Symphonies 1 à 4

Modest Moussorgski
Les tableaux d'une
Une nuit sur le mont chauve

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Don Giovanni
Les noces de Figaro
Concertos pour violon
Messe en Ut
Symphonies 25, 38, 39; 40
Concerto pour Clarinette
Concertos pour cor

Serguei Prokofiev
Pierre et le loup
Symphonie classique, 1, 5 et 7
Romeo et Juliette
Lieutenant Kijé 

Giacomo Puccini
La Bohème

Serguei Rachmaninoff
Concertos pour piano
Symphonie 2
Danses Symphoniques 

Maurice Ravel
Concerto pour piano en Sol
Le tombeau de Couperin
Pavane pour infante
Ma mère l'oye
La valse
Le boléro
Daphnis et Chloé

Nikolaï Rimski-Korsakov


Franz Schubert


Robert Schumann
Concerto pour violoncelle
Symphonie 1-4

Jean Sibelius
Karelia suite
Le cygne de tuonela
Symphonie 2, 5 et 7
Valse triste
Concerto pour violon

Richard Strauss
Concerto pour cor
Concerto pour hautbois
Don Juan


Piot Illich Tchaïkovski
Ouverture Romeo et Juliette
Ouverture 1812
Concerto pour Piano 1
Concerto pour violon

La belle au bois dormant

Giuseppe Verdi
La Traviata


Richard Wagner
Le vaisseau fantôme
Tristan et Isolde

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